At the beginning of the century a series of constructions are carried out by important implications in Alcañiz's urbanism: two operations of interior reform, the construction of the theatre and of the market they initiate and contribute to the displacement of the commercial and recreative activity from l street bigger than the street Alejandre the first, than the street Blasco later and, finally, to the avenue of Aragon. The construction of the railway station determines Alcañiz's expansion to other one of the river being formed as industrial park, of services and residential in minor measure: the closing of the railroad paralyzes the activity of the road of the station, in benefit of that of Saragossa, with the appearance of industries related to the transport by road.

The construction of the new bridge opens new expectations of growth in the east that they will not be late in materializing, finding in his proximities propitious accession the bullring, the Sports City and I some educationa’s centresl.

In the decade of the thirties the negotiations are carried out of what will be the urban development operation of major significance of the present century: the expropriation of areas for the opening of a new street: the Aragon’s Avenue. It is conceived at first as residential zone of low density, but soon demonstrate the possibilities of the new route, which commercial and residential attraction they force, from the sixties, to his construction masificada, provoking of definitive form the expansion of the city in this direction, and emptying of urban content the historical hull.

In 1966 Alcañiz's Town hall approves the General Plan of Urban Arrangement, action of extraordinary importance because it provides for the first time to the city of a rational instrument for the arrangement, checking and follow-up of the urban development activity.

Years later the zone of the former "viveros" is begun to consolidate as a prolongation of the commercial and residential avenue Aragon. Nowadays it is, together with the mentioned one, another important residential area.

With regard to the suburbs of the city, exactly the Saragossa’s road, it stops being a merely industrial core to turn also into another residential area. All this facilitated by the creation of a new school to another side of the bridge that has done that all this zone is provided with new services, some of them still for implanting.

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