tarta de cerezas
tarta de cerezas
torta de pimiento
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Of the periods of necessary frugality imposed by the long droughts, there have could be indemnified fully the peoples of Alcañiz, whose peculiar sense of the playful thing has allowed them to create an own kitchen and the some delicious sweets, that are the own of the sweet people, such as the “tortas de alma”, the “roscones of zurra”, the “mantecados”, the “almendrados”, the cookies, which in some peoples of the contour call “alcañizanas”, floury you blind, the small glasses of cinnamon, the cakes of maize with anisettes, the rosquetas of Easter, the “tortadas”, the “Capuchinas”, the “tortas” of the “Santo Entierro”, the nipple of Holy Águeda, and great, common others to other one localities of the region, as well as the cakes or tarts, of cherries, of apple, of quince, of preserve of angel, of gourd “roya”, and you dwell, of gallicos of nut and others of similar condition, which they connect with the salty ones or of " recau, relatives near of the Italian's "pizzas", as the cakes of pepper and tomato, “chirigol”, of sardines herrings and of potato and ham, which leads us. In our gastronomy they stand out, between others, the products with name of origin since they are the olive oil “Bajo Aragón”, the ham of Teruel or the peach Calanda. We must not forget of plates as the lamb to the shepherdess, the string beans with partridge, the fritter with snails, the rice of bacalo with potatoes, and the “olleta” or seasoning, always accompanied of products of the orchard alcañizana, with that I elaborate the famous chirigol.

The cakes of pepper, tinted with tuna or ham are different of the delights that we can find. And in the plane of the sweets, we find traditional pastas like the “tortas de alma”, the shortcake doughs, the macaroons, the roscones, the tortadas, the cake of nuts, the cake of Easter in The Holy Week, or Saint Agueda's nipple between others.

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Advice of regulator Name of Origin Calanda's Peach

Telf: 978 835 693


Regulatory Advice Name of Origin Oils of the Low Aragon

Telf: 978 834 009


Regulatory Advice of the I.G.P. Ternasco of Aragon

Telf: 976 470 813


Regulatory Advice Name of Origin Ham of Teruel

Telf: 978 606 550


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