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Street "Infanzonia" and  Medieval Constructions


Maynar Palace - County of "Bajo Aragón"

Alcañiz holds an important number of Noble Mansions. Most of them follow the late Renaissance style of the typical Aragonese castles. The facade shows tree bodies or floors, the entrance is made up by a great round arch and the upper floor shows the typical Aragonese gallery.

Calle Mayor


Ardid Palace - Library and Municipal Archive

This Aragonese palace was built within the framework of the modern city in the early 16th century. Its main facade shows the noble floor, which is crowned by the typical Aragonese gallery and huge eaves. This style continues throughout the 18th century.

Calle Mayor


Square Martyrs of África (Square of the Almudines)

Plaza Mártires de África (plaza de los Almudines)


Julve House

Alcañiz preserves an important number of palatial houses. Most of them follows the typology of the Aragonese palace tardorrenacentista: his front is articulated in three bodies or plants, the access is done across a great round arch and is his top floor one arranges the typical Aragonese gallery.

C/ Mayor


House of the Visitation - Museum of Ethnology

Typical Aragonese rehabilitated house that has turned into a complete museum etnológioco by means of the creation of every stay, with the objects and decoration that him was own (stable, kitchen, bedroom, granary ..)

C/Ramón y Cajal, s/n


Medieval Towers

Towers belonging to the former wall

Muro de Santiago


Former Church of the Dominicas and Arch of the Convent

At the end of the 16th century there was constructed the convent of San Gregorio (mothers Dominicans). Of the original building only there has remained the front page, which today it is possible to see in the center of the square of the Nuns

C/ de las Monjas


Former Major Mill - Workshop of Archaeology

Though his use like flour mill spreads along all his history, first as mill of Calatrava's Order and after the Council alcañizano, special interest has the establishment of an electric power station, which turbines, perfectly preserved,

Ronda de Belchite


Summer House "Telmo Lacasa". Source of 72 Tubes

Since public space deserves to emphasize the Summer-house (summer-house of D. Telmo Lacasa). The utilization of this space like zone of playtime is the most ancient, coinciding approximately with what was named The Meadow.

Paseo Andrade s/n


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