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Calatravos Castle - State Run Hotel

The castle is located on a hill named Pui Pinos. You can get there climbing up a steep road around the hill and going through a robust entrance arch which is placed perpendicularly to the wall following the outline of the Islamic fortifications. This castle-convent dates from the Romanesque period, undergoing a number of enlargements and modifications in subsequent years.

Castillo Calatravos, s/n
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City Hall - Council

The council of Alcañiz is one of the most beautiful examples of Aragonese Renaissance architecture. It is located in the square “La Plaza de España” attached to the Gothic market. Both buildings were declared Historic and Artistic Landmark in 1931. This building was finished in 1570 after being five years under construction.

Plaza de España 1
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The Gothic Market

The market is located in the square “Plaza de España”. It is a magnificent Gothic style civil building at right angles with the city hall (16th century). It was built in the 15th century following the 14th century Italian “loggias”. It shows three big pointed arches two of which have their intrados decorated with foliated arches.

Plaza España 1


Subterranean Passages - Tourist Office

The Tourist Office is located on a subterranean area which can be visited going down a narrow staircase totally excavated in rock. This rectangular plan cellar leads to two narrow passages. One of the passages leads to the street “Calle Mayor”. The other passage leads to an impressive medieval chamber which used as a fridge.

Calle Mayor, 1


Ex-Collegiate Church "Santa María la Mayor"

The Great parish church “Santa María la Mayor”, which held the status of collegiate church until 1851, stands close over the Gothic market and the City Hall. The great bell tower and a small area in a corner of the epistle constitute the only remains of the former Gothic temple.

Plaza España, 10


Local Theatre

No later than the end of the Carlist war in the county “El Bajo Aragón”, a small active bourgeoisie of the town fostered the most characteristic institution from the Romantic period: The Society “Liceo de la Unión”. This Society aimed to support the Arts (music and theatre).


Former Market

The market was built in the 19th century, and it opened in 1872. Later in 1932 it underwent an important remodeling which basically involved working on the cover of the main nave.This building follows a typical basilical structure.


School and Church "Los Padres Escolapios"

The Piarist Fathers arrived to Alcañiz in 1729 to take charge of San Valero School. The current church began to be built in 1770 by Andrés de la Virgen del Pilar.


Former Water Deposit - Gallery

The City Hall has a gallery located in the former Water deposit, where a number of expositions are held throughout the year.


Romanesque Arch of San Pedro

It was part of the facade of the former Romanesque parish church of San Pedro. Today it is found in the park “El Cuartelillo” (also known as “Glorieta de Valencia”). It is a Romanesque facade similar to the facade found in the chapel of the castle. It shows three round archivolts and chequered moulding.


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