Alcañiz is well connected by road with some of the most important cities in Spain. Teruel the province Capital city is connected to Alcañiz by road N-420, 145 kilometres away. Zaragoza is 102 kilometres away taking N-232 and Huesca 170. Some National roads cross Alcañiz city centre.

Alcañiz is also well connected to Tarragona by road N- 420 is only 140 kilometres, to Lerida is 160 kilometres away taking N-211, to Barcelona is 250 kilometres by taking highway A-7 heading to L’Hospitalet de l’Infant. Alcañiz. We also enjoy good communications with La Comunidad Valenciana. Castellon is 150 kilometres away by taking N-232 crossing San Mateo and Valencia is just 250 kilometres away from Alcañiz, the fastest way to get there is by taking highway A-7.

Regarding communications by road, it is also remarkable the axis Pais Vasco-Zaragoza, that are connected by N-232. Alcañiz is just in the middle.

Regarding communications by train, the closest train stations are Caspe, 29 kilometres away and La Puebla de Hijar, 35 kilometres away from Alcañiz.

The nearest airport it is located in Zaragoza, 150 kilometres away from Alcañiz. The nearest seaport is located in Tarragona 140 kilometres away.

As you can see, Alcañiz is an important town regarding communications with Cataluña ,Comunidad Valenciana and Aragón.

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